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Packers and Movers in Hyderabad

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Monday, 11 April 2016

Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0 quickly exceeds 150,000 downloads


Since the release of Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0 in October, 2015, Audio4fun has reached its download target sooner than expected; and that’s not all.

Voice Changer Software Diamond, developed by Audio4fun, is the advanced audio/voice morphing and processing software solution that provides users with real-time voice changing abilities as well as assists them with professional audio editing. The new Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0 was officially released last October and quickly achieved 150,000 downloads within 5 months.

"Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0 welcomed its 150,000th user last Saturday and it was a great encouragement to our team. We are very pleased to know that we apparently are going in the right direction. Our latest release of the software reflects the efforts of much planning and design improvements," said Chris R.F - head of Quality Administrator at Audio4fun.

In version 9.0, the main feature Voice Morpher, which allows users to change their voices’ characteristics, was built around a software re-organization. The new Voice Morpher contains not only 3 fundamental Voice Attributes (Pitch-Timbre-Formant Pitch), but also 2 essential modules, Voice Beautifying and Advanced Settings. This new organization assures the users that their input voice/audio will be well processed and enhanced in every aspect to produce the most natural quality outputs.

Chris also revealed, “We also collected 71% positive votes from people who downloaded and tested Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0. That says a lot about the initial acceptance of the changes, however; we must try more and more until we obtain 100% customer satisfaction. There remain some challenging technical problems that need to be solved in the future.”

Voice Changer Software Diamond 9.0’s strong first impressions and success at reaching its targeted release goals concludes a smooth start for a promising year for Audio4fun. Users interested in trying this new version can easily find a download link at http://www.audio4fun.com/download.php?product=vcsdiamond&type=exe&aff_avangate_id=56629&aff_plimus_id=1084610

Monday, 2 September 2013

The New Dream In You by Jackson Ng

Can we really re-live our Dream?

Can you Re-new your dream?  watch the video here to find out! You will know that if you hang on to your dream and keep improving yourself, you will be able to achieve your dreams.


have a great life by re-living your dreams and making your dreams your life.

See you soon,

Jackson Ng


 PLEASE watch the video below and understand how you can change your life by making only One decision a day.


You wont believe how fast you can change every area of your life.
Happy New You!

Jackson Ng

The Concept of KSA by Jackson Ng

 The Concept of KSA.

Please watch the video at the below:


Have a great day by increasing your KSA. When you change your KSA, you will change your self image.

Can you REALLY change your life in ONLY 90 days?

Dear Friends,

Greetings from Mastermind Training International,

We have good news for you.

We are inviting 4 key staff from your company/organization (preferably Human Resource Managers/Directors/Bosses) to join us for this exciting talk called THE NEW YOU. 

This 4 hour talk is based on Jackson’s latest book, 'The New You', which will be released in MPH Bookstores nationwide on 1st of September 2013.

Jackson is holding his latest self development book called THE NEW YOU.

In this talk Jackson will highlight, how an employee can renew their mindset, believe system, values, habits and attitude to achieve new performance and productivity to get new results. We promise you this talk will be exciting for all level of staff and business owners. You will be excited during the talk.

As the talk is FREE, we have to limit the number and we are offering only 4 free seats for your organization. Please reply to us by filling in the attached registration form before or by Friday 27th of Sept 12pm.

Feel free to contact our friendly staff Aaron or Laura at 082-411033,082-413033,016-2196030. Please email or fax your registration form to 082-410030.

Grab this opportunity and see you there!

***THE NEW YOU BOOK will also be pre-launched during the talk.***

Registration Form
IMPORTANT: Please reply to us by filling in the attached registration form before or by 12pm Wednesday 25 September 2013.

IMPORTANT: Please reply to us by filling in the attached registration form before or by 12pm Wednesday 25 September 2013.
29 September 2013 (Sunday)
2pm – 6pm
Mastermind Learning Centre, Kuching
30 September 2013 (Monday)
2pm – 6pm
Mastermind Learning Centre, Kuching


5 October 2013
2pm – 6pm
To be advised
 (Kuala Lumpur)
6 October 2013 2013
2:30pm – 4pm
MPH Bookstore, Subang Jaya

Yes! Please register the following: -
Email Address




 (if not enough lines, please add-on another separate sheet of paper)

Contact Person               : ___________________________________________________________________________

Company’s Name           :         _________________________________________________________________________

Address                       :            ______________________________________________________________________________  

Office Telephone          : __________________          Fax:     ________________      Email:            ______________________

I hereby confirm my registration for The New You FREE Talk.

Please sign here

Authorised Signature & Organisation Stamp

Complete Registration form please fax to +6082-410030 or Email to aaron@mastermind.com.my

Mastermind Training International Sdn Bhd (691977-D)
Bormill Commercial Centre, Lot 3018, 1sr Floor, Jalan Tun Ahmad Zaidi Adruce, 93150
Tel: +082-410030/412030 Fax: +082-410030      Website: www.mastermind.com.my

Some of the jackson Ng's training with his clients in 2012  
 and 2013.More to come......

Here are some of the extract of Jackson ng's latest book, The New You.....please enjoy for the first two chapters......................the rest..........you can read in his book. 

The secret of becoming a new person in 90 days



To my family who are my greatest pillars of strength, love, and inspiration in my life.



Independent at a very young age, I have had the privilege to meet so many people from all walks of life with whom I have learnt, observed, and shared many wonderful life success stories. I feel very much indebted to share all the proven skills, techniques and experiences that have helped me and many others to soar high as eagles do.

I have learnt so much in the past thirteen years of my journey as a speaker, trainer and coach and I humbly wish you would spend the time to read this material which I collated together for your easy reading and understanding. I believe you are busy and may have one hundred reasons why you do not have the time to read this book. I assure you, by the time you finish reading this book, you will find ways to renew yourself in every sense - your mind, soul and spirit!

It is a fact every year we wish each other a Happy New Year. We wish ourselves a Happy New Year too. The truth is, do we really have a new year? To many, it doesn’t really ring true. Why? Most people either don’t do new things in their lives or they do the same thing every year.

Can a person having the same mindset, the same attitude and the same way of working and living have a new year?

The answer is no. We cannot have a new year unless we choose to renew ourselves. We must first become new in every aspect of our being. We must see things from a new perspective, acquire a more powerful mindset and pursue a renewed attitude. We must become different in our thinking and have new goals, the goals that we have never set before.

Something new and something different!

Is it safer to have a new goal? No. Nothing is guaranteed in life. However, the only way to get us excited and to do much more than what we’ve done before is to have a new goal.

Can everyone become new?

Most people want to have new goals. However, having new goals is not the end. It is the starting point.Knowing where you are and where you want to go is critical in achieving your dreams in life. It is wishful thinking to pray hard to God for a better life if you have no idea what you want in life.

I challenge you to double up the figure of your income this year, double your effort and double your energy in all that you do. Start by doing new things this year. You will experience new results when you become new.

I welcome you to my world of transformation, the world that is making you, The New You - because you deserve to live a new life. You deserve to stop giving excuses and begin making all your dreams come true! I encourage you to improve every area of your life to make it extra-ordinary so that on the day you say goodbye to this world, you can safely say, “I have lived the life I dreamt of.”

Please open yourself up to enjoy the insights in this book. Read every word, understand them, apply them in your work or business or relationship or finance. Share with me your stories. I am ready to listen.

I just got a telephone message from one of my participants, Christy, Agency Manager from Great Eastern, Kota Kinabalu, who is so happy with the new closing rate of 6 over 10. She increased the number of policies sold after she applied the presentation techniques and speech structure I gave her during the SPEAK LIKE A PRO PROGRAMME last month. I am impressed with her new results and her business presentations. 

I would also like to hear your new stories when you get new results in your life.  I would like to meet you in person to hear your stories especially the new successes that you will experience after you apply some of the ideas I put in this book.
Please feel welcome and write to me if you have any questions after reading this book. 

I can be reached at Jackson@mastermind.com.my


The Myths of Success

Many people think success is a destination.
We deem ourselves successful when we get some new possessions we have dreamt of like a big house, a new car and even a new business.

Ever since we were young, we have been told to work hard and acquire knowledge and skills so that we could be promoted from time to time until we finally reach the pinnacle of success. Some reach the top sooner and some later. But unintentionally, when people reach the top, they stop the habits that got them there.

Likewise, we become weak when we stop exercising. We gain unhealthy bodies when we stop staying away from alcohol and cigarettes. We burn holes in our pockets when we stop curbing our spending. When we stop attending to our lives, we start crumbling.

If you improve just one thing a day, in less than one year you will have improved every area of your life.

To continue enjoying success, one must watch one’s habits. Success is not a destination. Success is a habit! If we are not careful, we can still fall back to zero!

Successful habits are more important than success itself!

Success is not about climbing a ladder. You may climb the ladder, reach the top and stay there. But if you stop doing the habits that ushered you to success, you will end up in failure.

Another myth of success is material possession. Many think success is all about material possession. They equate the success of a person to the size of material wealth. Although there is a correlation to success, we cannot define success based on material wealth.

Do you call a billionaire successful if he is not living a happy life?

Or do you call a happy person successful if he is living in poverty?

Success is about balance. Keeping the balance and avoiding the extreme in all crucial areas is critical. It is likened to a person riding on a bicycle who veers neither too much to the left nor to the right. This balance has to be sought after in our family life, career, finance, health, personal growth and spiritual growth.


It is always easy to be thankful when everything fits neatly in place. We can be thankful and grateful when we have all we desire. However, the tough reality is we know life isn’t a bed of roses. Good and bad things happen to everyone. Many times we may have no answers when we are caught unprepared to face the ‘tsunami’ of life such as sickness, accidents, loss of someone, loss of income, loss of huge opportunities and even a breakup in a relationship.

I can’t agree that bad things are meant for good. Bad events are inevitable. We can’t control the bad events when they sweep like a wave upon us. But, it is pointless to be a victim of unfortunate events.

As for me, I had a fair share of ugly events in my life. I just had to accept them.
Sometime in September last year, I had excruciating pain in my head. Worse than migraine, it came and went, so I didn’t bother as it wasn’t frequent.
One day, I had a nose bleed. I thought it was just a common symptom and ignored it as I was ‘too busy’ to see a doctor. I was preoccupied with too much work to do and had too many clients to visit. Work was my main priority.
In November, I joined a Church Convention in Ipoh and upon arriving, the pain in my head reverberated again. It was getting more intense but I could take the pain although I could feel electric shock in my head every one minute.

The next day, it got worse. I felt extreme pain in my head every five seconds. I asked my friend from Ipoh to send me to hospital. The doctor gave me the strongest painkiller and I was numbed for about 30 minutes but my head broke out in pain again. 

I prayed and nothing happened. I asked for more painkillers. They asked me to wait. Right at that moment, I was ready to give up my life rather than succumb to the uncontrollable pain in the head.

God was there, as one hour later, the church elders and leaders came and prayed for me. They took one hour to pray, and so loudly did they do so that the ward mate asked to change room! After one hour of persistent prayer, the pain left me!
Thank God the pain disappeared and never returned! But that wasn’t the end of the story.

I came back to Kuching and went for a medical check. The specialist confirmed that I was diagnosed with stage one nose cancer. I was in shock.
I asked myself a thousand questions.

Why me?
What did I do wrong?
What had I eaten?
Why cancer? 
and another 1000 questions more.....

I had many serious thoughts. “I had always been careful with my health. I didn’t smoke or drink. I couldn’t comprehend why and how I got the nose cancer. I was in disbelief and wished if only I could change my fate.”

Later, when I calmed myself down, I realized that God was giving me another chance. I learnt about God’s grace in the hospital, and not at the convention. I experienced the power of prayer in the hospital.  I thanked God because He let me know about it at a very early stage.

When I was asked to do radiotherapy, I was very reluctant! I asked the oncologist whether I could escape the treatment.

He asked, “Do you want to escape the treatment or cancer?”
In that instance, I knew I didn’t have any choice. I had to go through radiotherapy. The good news was, since it was detected early, I need not undergo chemotherapy.

Spending 40 minutes per session for 33 sessions of radiotherapy every day except on Saturdays and Sundays was especially grueling and burdensome.

During that challenging time, I lost 13 kg because I had lost the appetite to eat. Food was tasteless and I avoided eating. I survived solely on drinking juices, milk and water. 
I couldn’t sleep well at night because I had to visit the toilet frequently as I was drinking water to stay hydrated all the time. The 2 months of radiotherapy was the toughest time of my life.

But the blessing in disguise was ironically, cancer taught me about living.
I began to search through every facet of my life and started to ask a thousand questions how I can live a better life. I did a diagnosis of my life. I checked thoroughly and figured out my living pattern for the past ten years. 


I marked down every possible cause of cancer. I reflected on my response towards people, my use of time, my food intake, my lifestyle, my finance, my work, my relationships, my social circles and relationship with God.

I had to admit I didn’t score 100 per cent; in fact it was considered bad overall. In the later chapter, I will show you how you use Your Life Report Card.
I discovered I had not led a balanced life at all. During the treatment, there was plenty of time for me to think.

A lot of new insights about life, work, finance, health dawned on me. I began to do an analysis of my own life. I knew I was out of balance and certainly did not feel successful at all. Yet I was truly blessed to have found the importance of God and truly very thankful for the awakening that this painful cancer experience had given me!

I underwent the tests and confirmed I was healed by the grace of God. I am thankful for Dr. Rajiv who took care of my treatment very carefully. Three months after the last treatment, I was announced by my oncologist as healed and totally free from cancer. Indeed, God has given me a second chance to live the remaining years of my life.

God is powerful and can change everything, from bad to good, from impossible to miracles.... Believe in God


Today, I do not live as I used to before. I have stopped doing many things that I used to.  I now live in moderation.

In the area of fitness, I do more exercise than before. I refuse to over work anymore. I feel so much lighter, fitter and healthier after losing 13 kg.

In the area of spiritual growth, I have started to spend more time knowing God’s word and knowing His people. I am much more focused in my business and feel more compelled to do only important tasks.

Since I did some research on food, nutrition and lifestyle, I now am more knowledgeable about healthy food and water. Seafood is not enjoyed with great abandon anymore and I eat more selectively.

As for spending, I realized that not all spending is necessary. The pleasures of acquisition are usually short-lived at best. Too many times I was spending on things I didn’t need. We need less material possessions than we think we do!

My friend saw me recently and asked, “What did you do to lose so much weight?”
I replied jokingly, “First, you must get cancer, and then you will stop eating and start losing weight!

He was in shock and couldn’t believe what he heard!
I won’t say cancer is something we all should appreciate. What I mean is that we need to learn to see the blessing in all situations. If I didn’t have nose cancer, I wouldn’t be so careful about making changes in my life. Cancer was here to teach me lessons so that I can turn around my life!


The cancer that aimed to kill taught me how to live a new life- Jackson Ng

After an unexpected brush with frail mortality, I am now more careful and alert to how I will live the remaining years of my life!

Time flies and we have to be aware that we don’t have all the time to wait for rainbows to appear. What we can do is to cherish all the good moments in our lives and use these moments to inspire, motivate and recharge our lives to the most maximum level of happiness.

My mother just complained about her back pain. She told me she was unable to do chores like before anymore and that she felt tired easily. I always thought that she was the iron lady but now I realized that time had taken a toll and rendered her body weaker. To me, it is a reminder to spend more time with her whenever I can.

Spending time with my mother is my priority right now as I know this is the only moment, the most beautiful moment, the best moment. Through a painful experience, I am thankful that I have learnt to strike a balance between work and family. Though both work and family are important to me, acquiring the right balance is the key to happiness.

What is important right now is how to live a new life!


I am a believer of persistence.

The power of persistence is critical in the pursuit of all your dreams.

How badly do you want to achieve your dream? How badly do you want a breakthrough? You must know without passion, determination, and strong persistence, you will be beaten down when the journey gets tough.

Most people give up before they reach the 50% mark of their journey. They give up because the most difficult part of every endeavor is the journey.

Most people want things to be handed over free of charge. Success is never an easy walk in the park. It is a tough journey and only when you get familiar with the struggles and become strong, then it starts to get easy. It gets easy only because you have toughened as you traverse the journey and have got used to the beaten path of struggles.

The power of persistence is when your mind says no but your heart says yes.

You have to be willing to fight the fight until you win the battle. It is not over until it is over. Never give up the fight but persevere and complete the long and winding journey.
When I meet people from many organizations, I always find that the eagles are those who started with almost little or no success in the beginning. After a few years of persistent hard work, they finally achieved their goals and got what they wanted because they were willing to go the extra mile.

Unfortunately, success is not meant for everyone.

Success is meant for those who are long-suffering and persistent to overcome the struggles in their journey until they make it later.

As you continue to pursue your dreams, you will find that the journey gets easier. And it is all because you have developed the skills, abilities and talents to handle your challenge, work and studies. Be tough and intentional about wanting to fulfill your dreams. Choose to soar like an eagle.

Bruce Lee was a legend because he trained himself for 6 hours on a daily basis. He became the master of martial arts putting in hours of training consistently when he was alive.



In my training, I like to use the story of two animals. I use a game concept to teach as people understand better when they play games and learn. In the game, there are always two characters, eagles or chickens which we can identify in our life.

What is the difference between them?

Character of an eagle

In nature, the eagle is the most revered bird of prey. Its beak and talons are the strongest and sharpest of all birds. It can fly to amazing heights and at great speed. It also has the longest life span of any bird, being able to live up to 70 years. It is designed by nature to be the No.1 creature in the air.

Live your lives like eagles. Eagles set the standards, break the limits in their personal growth and embrace change. Willing to do more to gain more in life, they don’t give up in the face of challenges, problems and turbulence in life. They believe they are designed to excel and to fly high in the sky. As passionate learners who are committed to improvement in all areas of their lives, they aim high and always look up to God for direction, guidance and encouragement. They are willing to contribute to benefit others and refuse to live in the shadows. They shine and are not afraid of failures. When they fail, they pick themselves up and are willing to start all over again.

Character of chickens

Chickens are flightless fowl, serving their purpose at the lower part of the food chain and feeding from the ground. They are not capable of exceeding more than what they are designed for.

They have dreams, small and big, but unfortunately, they believe in complacency and luck. Most people to them are in this category and they feel safe to be just like everyone else. They work hard at improving the quality of their work, but rarely on themselves.

They dislike change, since they have to work to change themselves. Comfort zone is their aim. “If only I can be comfortable soon, I will make it in life!” Chickens love free gifts, free meals, free rides and all the free things. Chickens work very hard but get average results. They are ignorant that to get bigger results, they must always think bigger, aim higher, and be willing to do all they need to in order to transform to become eagles.

Chickens admire eagles but they think eagles are the lucky few.

They are professionals in making valid excuses about why they can’t shine at work, in business and in life. Sometimes, they go to the extent of blaming God and everyone. They are the masters of excuses and are average in what they do. They hate to see their colleagues get promoted while they are still stuck in the same old rut. So, they say it again, “He is just lucky because my boss likes him!”

Chickens versus Eagles at work

Chickens at work
Eagles at work
Motivated by money
Motivated by vision, mission and  passion
Like comfort and complacency
Expect change and willing to change
Dislike learning and use old methods
Like learning and open to new ideas
Not mastering any discipline of work, average in most areas
Master  at least one area and keen to learn new areas of work
Afraid of change of work and duties
Accept new challenges and see them as opportunities to learn
See change as stress
See change/crisis as opportunities
Activities oriented
Results oriented
Like to procrastinate
Focus on finishing work now and strive to meet deadlines
Feel pressured when given a bigger responsibility
See bigger responsibility as an opportunity to learn and grow in career
Spend too much time on low-importance activities
Do only  important activities to get outcome
Work slow and need to be reminded
Work fast and value time
Not consistent in achieving  good results
Consistent in achieving good  results at work
 Wish Mondays are Fridays
Wish they have more time to work
Expect overtime pay
Do not need overtime as they are efficient
Hate personal development
Continue to grow and learn
Dislike innovation and reject any new methods or systems
Welcome innovation and creativity to get better, faster results at work

So, if you only have five years to live, would you prefer to live like an eagle or a chicken?

I believe we must know that we are all created useful and talented. Everyone is talented but not everyone thinks like an eagle.

We must be willing to challenge ourselves on a daily basis by asking this question, ‘How can I be a better me?’

That’s the question all eagles ask. 

Stop asking why your boss gives you so much work. Ask why he is not giving you enough work

The most important power we all have as human beings is the power of choice. We are where we are right now because of the choices we have made in life. We are either happy where we are or not so happy where we are right now.
Here’s the good news. You have a choice.


You have a choice to change to become a new you and have a new life!!
Let me share with you a popular story I share with my participants.

When I was staying at Taman Desa in KL a few years ago, there was a gym called “IMPRESSIVE FITNESS”. I used to go on a regular basis as I particularly like to run on the treadmill placed facing the window. Each time I run on the treadmill, I would look through the window and right opposite is a pub called “C U 2 9”. It is actually read as “SEE YOU TONIGHT”.  A beautiful pub, I had visited it a few times and noticed that the people hanging around were the same customers especially during the happy hours. These people would sit and drink the whole night.

What happens to the bellies and pockets of these people?

You know the answer. Their bellies will grow bigger and their pockets will be empty! What happens to their health especially the kidneys of the drinkers?

If these people have the habit of being heavy drinkers, they may harm their health in the next ten years. However, if they choose to cross the road and habitually just spend one hour at the gym, they will have healthier bodies and smaller bellies.

We all have choices. It is not rocket science to know that by going to the gym, one will be fitter while by drinking every night one might harm one’s health.

The questions I would like to ask you are,

Are you keeping good habits?
Are we respecting our bodies?
Who is responsible for your body?
When is the best time to start a good habit?

When we give excuses and say we don’t have time, we don’t have money, we don’t have education, we don’t have this or that, we sell ourselves excuses that form who we are.

We become chickens in life because our best friends are excuses.

We have a choice to remove excuses from our lives.

We have the power to change everything in life… from making new decisions daily to achieving goals.

Is it too late to reach for your new goal? Is it too late for a new change?
Recently I was training a group of insurance agency managers in one of my SPEAK LIKE A PRO PROGRAMME organized by NAMLIFA. I met this man, Mr. Lee, who is now 82 years old. We had lunch together and he ate vegetables and fruits before taking rice and meat. Cautious about his choices of food, he looked very healthy as if he was in his early sixties.

No wonder at 75, he got married again after being single for some years. He said after the death of his first wife, he chose to live his life with a new partner. He is actively involved in his insurance business, having many people under his management. I assume Mr. Lee doesn’t have to work anymore but he chooses to and wants to keep his life meaningful.

His wasn’t a free 3 day learning session. If Mr. Lee was willing to pay RM2288 to learn, get married again at 75, keep his business running well and take care of his eating habits, it shows that you and I have no excuse to say we can’t change.
As this man shows, there is no age limit in the pursuit of any new goal. An inspiration to me, he reminds me to pursue my new dreams and never to make any more excuses.

Given the power of choice, you either live a boring and an unfulfilled life or an exciting and rewarding life. You don’t have to continue dragging on if you are sick and tired of your life right now. You can change many things if not everything in your life.

We all make mistakes. No one is an exception! The question is, do we forgive ourselves and learn from it? Do we become the victim of mistakes or the student of learning?

Transformation is the key to bigger success. Transformation allows us to be the best that we can be. It is letting go of the bad habits that slow us down in life and creating new habits.     

........END OF CHAPTER TWO....... 


Forgive yourself and others
It is unrealistic to live a great new life if you cannot forgive yourself and your past. Draw wisdom from the past and be more useful, powerful and wiser and let it be a guide to your new life. 

To err is human, but to free ourselves from blame, hurt, bitterness and regret is divine. Anyone who cannot leave the past for what it was can never really live powerfully in the present moment and the future.

I have made countless mistakes in the past, knowingly and unknowingly. However, I have forgiven myself and learnt from my past mistakes. Letting go of past negative emotions and freeing myself of past baggage creates a new space in my life for filling it with many new things that will come by.

When you learn to forgive yourself and others, you will enjoy peace within and feel lively again. Let our past be teachers in our lives rather than tormentors.
You will be the biggest loser in life if you choose to be bound by the chains of unforgiveness. We deserve to forgive ourselves and others for we owe ourselves new lives that truly have been designed for us.

What is important in a relationship is not who is wrong or who is right, but whether you can forgive and accept people for who they are.



We have all had a fair share of success and failures.

Failure is not the person. Failure is an event!

People blame themselves when they fail. It is so tragic to read the news about a bright student committing suicide after failing his final exam. His dream was shattered and he felt useless because he couldn’t get through the last paper. People need to question the wisdom of punishing themselves when they fail. People need to question the absurdity of not giving themselves another chance when they get hurt in broken relationships.

We become the victims of failures when we blame ourselves. We all experience failures. Take note these are just events. We need to use failures as our teachers to draw invaluable lessons from the event. If we don’t learn from our mistakes but instead go around pinning blame on everything and everyone, we will experience the same failure again.  You hear many stories of some drug addicts who zip in and out of prisons. 


Because they didn’t get the lesson!

Failures are meant to be our greatest teachers!

We must welcome failures and learn from them!
I failed in a lot of speaking contests before winning my first trophy in year 2001. It was a painful experience because each time I entered the contest, I felt very heavy in my heart. I was nervous, tensed and wanted to win so badly. However, I didn’t know the secret of winning in a speech contest and I was doing it all wrong. It took me so many hours to prepare and rehearse a speech.

After losing about 20 times, I was quite exhausted although I still had a little motivation to go on. One fine day, Junior Chamber Kuching were looking for three contestants to represent the chapter. I was invited to compete. Since only two contestants were interested, I joined in. Much to my relief, I realized that the contest was to be an easy one. One of the contestants talked past the time limit and the other had stage fright and went blank. That was how I won my first trophy.

After the first victory, I completely changed my self-image and my confidence grew. Shortly after the first victory, I continued to win another trophy. By then, I was passionate! I continued to compete and got another trophy. Then I got another trophy. This went on from 2002-2004. In total, I won around 30 trophies because I was willing to persevere and learn from failures.

Failure was my teacher.

In September 2000, I wrote my first book titled DARE TO DREAM.

I wrote the whole book in three weeks and rushed it for printing. At that time, I asked my staff to proof read the book in one day. She did her best and I was so excited to see the book out very quickly. In total, I had taken one month to produce the book. I was happy because it was in time for the upcoming seminar titled DARE TO DREAM.
I was thinking, “What a good plan! I got my books ready just in time for the DARE TO DREAM seminar! Brilliant!”

I printed 2000 copies and spent RM 6500. It was during my talk when I launched the very book in which my good friend discovered quite a number of grammatical errors in many of the pages. With great disappointment, I had to make a tough choice to sell or not to sell the books.

My emotions were in turmoil. I just got it printed and was extremely excited about the book. People were waiting and queuing up to buy. Due to the prevalence of my errors and possible damage to my reputation as a speaker, I decided to stop the sale and threw all my books away. I lost my effort, time and energy in writing and RM 6500. That was an expensive lesson!

Again, failure was my teacher!

After that experience, I took one year in 2004 to write YOU ARE A TOP STUDENT. I was very careful of the content, English and every detail of the book. This book got me to train thousands of students in many schools in East and West Malaysia. Due to the book, I received many invitations to train some of the top schools in Malaysia.

In 2009, for fear of making mistakes in printing, I took one year and wrote another book on presentation skills called SPEAK WITH IMPACT TO ANY AUDIENCE. 

This book got me to train many big organizations nationwide.
The failure I suffered taught me to be careful when committing to any ventures! Much time is needed to prepare well. However, the most important message here is revising, devising and experimenting with new ways and ideas if the current idea fails.
Failure can be your greatest teacher.

No mistake at work is wasted. Learn from the mistakes, benefit from it and keep adjusting your strategy until you hit your target.




Live in the present and act now

Our life is a book. The past are the old chapters and our present and future life are the new chapters. Some old chapters are worthy to be brought forward to the present and some should remain behind in the past. It is perfectly okay to have some less-than-perfect chapters in your story.

All of us have had our equal share of ugly chapters. No one has a picture-perfect life. However, the current chapter is the most important! You have the power to write a different story from the past chapter. Use your ink to write a new and refreshing story.

One cannot use the past yardstick to determine the future success. The past never equals to the present and the future.

When you live in the present, you become very powerful. It is because you have the very chance to act. If your dream life partner was the person you had decided to marry five years ago, it is probable the person may have married another now. If you have the chance right now, you have the power to act now!

You can accomplish many things now if not everything. Yesterday ended last night and you know you cannot undo the past.

Whatever you dream of, the best time is to do it now! Whatever you say you want to do- do it now! I am a believer that one bird in your hand is worth ten birds in the jungle.

Many years back, I attended a seminar by Bob Proctor. I talked to him and told him about the many disappointments I had had in life! After listening patiently to me for about 15 minutes, he said, “Jackson, from now on, I would like you to focus on your life right now and never again mention about the past!”

If you improve just one thing a day, in less than one year you will have improved every area of your life.



Why are we not doing what we should be doing?

Procrastination is the thief of time!

We like to focus too much on the future, telling ourselves wishfully that the future will be better and things will improve or be easier than now. We hope fervently our problems will disappear with the passage of time. It will not.

If you owe someone money, ten years from now you still owe him some money!
The problem won’t disappear. Do not procrastinate! The right thing to do is live in the present and do something.

It is human nature to want to procrastinate, thinking the best time to act is later as we try not to confront the burden of the moment. I was one of the comfort seekers. I was a master procrastinator worrying far too much about the what-ifs only to discover that most of the worries and concerns never actually existed. They were only figments of imagination in my mind that never came to pass. Thus, strike while the iron is hot; act in the present and start doing!

Shoot first and aim later. Shoot at your target and adjust your ‘gun’ till you hit the target. Most people learn faster by doing. This is the best way to learn how to be a professional!

If you are thinking of being promoted to be a manager in one year’s time, what you can do right now is ‘be a manager’ in your behavior and start doing the work of a manager even though you are just a supervisor. Soon, your boss would have promoted you because he is impressed with the additional work that you do.

You cannot be promoted to the next level unless you excel in your current assignment. 

Nobody can be promoted to the next level of success until he masters the game that he is playing right now. Only then, you will move to the next level in the game.

Now is the best time to live your dreams! Not yesterday and not next year! Now is the time to prepare yourself for success. If you want to pursue a dream, start now! If you want to change your life, be renewed now!

Try new ways, new ideas or new methods. Don’t ever think you have all the time in the world. The only power you truly have is to act now before time runs out!


In the process of becoming the new you, when you want to work on your new ideas, the annoying little voice inside you will be whispering to you. It will say to you:

“Don’t you think that is too much work?
 What if you fail?
 What if you don’t have the skill?
 What if you are not good enough and people will laugh at you?
 What if you failed in your business venture and you lose your capital?
 What if you go after the girl and she rejects you?
What if you accept the man and he cheats on you?
 What if you get rejected when you try to sell your product to your friend?”

The little voice inside you will keep hissing frightening threats!
Listen then to the voice of the angel. It is also inside you.  We have two voices in us. One asks you to worry a lot! The other one asks you to dream new dreams!
You need to learn to acknowledge that you and I have fears. But nothing new and great can be done if we live in fear! We have to face and conquer our fears! Whatever it is! 

Whatever fear it may be!

Fear is defined as the anticipation of pain. Some fears are good and some are bad for us. If a child is fearful of fire, it is a good fear because it would keep him from danger. If the child is not fearful of fire and play recklessly with it, he may burn himself. That would be a disaster.

As we grow older each day, we must learn to handle our fears. These are some common fears:

Fear of the unknown:

The fear of the unknown is when you are asked to do something unfamiliar and it is like a sudden nudge in your zone of comfort. Most people say no to a new form of task, work or experience. We must learn to accept new challenges so that we can grow in the abundance of life. As long as you can afford the risk, I believe it is worth trying something new.

Fear of death:

It is a natural fear to avoid death. Nobody wants to die although everyone wants to go heaven. However, to live is to be reminded that daily we are dying as mortally as our body cells are. Although it is not good for us to welcome death, we should confront it daily by living life fearlessly, loving life and living it to the fullest.

Fear of failure:

It is okay to be scared of failure. However, the fear of failure is not healthy if it stops you from achieving your goals in life.
What would you do if you never failed? You would do anything and everything right? You would be eccentric, arrogant, belligerent, bizarre, disruptive, threatening, disgusting, evil or even insane. The truth is, failure is part of the journey. Failure is the tuition fee you have to pay to reach success. Do not be afraid of failure, but be afraid of never trying.

I encourage people to fail early in life. The earlier you fail, the sooner you will learn and grow. Take it as part of your tuition fees of life’s journey and the failure will not repeat itself.

Fear of success:

As many are scared of failure, there are also many who fear success. Fear success? Yes. Many fear success because they might not get used to success. Success is living a different life or dwelling in the settlement of discomfort. Success will change their lifestyles, their friends and circles of influence. Success will cause them to worry about their safety and their well-being. Success will instill deep anxiety of having no true friends.

Fear of poverty:

Such a fear is destructive if it creates an unrealistic fear of lack or of bondage to money. Otherwise, it pushes a person to improve his lot in life for himself and for the people he loves. The fear of poverty would push you to do more. Having the fear of poverty will drive you to work hard, try on new things and never give up on your dreams.

Fear of abandonment and rejection:

This fear is part of our biology. It is natural that image and status in life are important not only to help us survive in this world but also to find mates and attraction. Many of us seek approval from others and do many senseless things in order to validate ourselves or please others. Some build high walls to hide from the judgment of others.  The truth is you don’t need to look good for others; what is needed is your own acceptance of yourself. Believe in yourself that you were created for a higher purpose and you have something of value to give to the world.

Fear of intimidation:

This type of fear exists when we are suffering from low self-esteem. We compare ourselves with others and feel inadequate. We feel that we cannot compete due to our limitations or consciousness of not being perfectly normal. We do not accept ourselves and feel afraid that others too cannot accept us. For example, if someone is born with a physical handicap, he may feel timid and likes to avoid being around people.

When I was a little boy, I was very short in my height. In fact I was the shortest boy in my class. I was appointed a prefect but after three months, I demanded for a resignation. The reason was I always worried other bigger sized boys would bully me especially if I asked them to pick up rubbish during my duty. The truth was, nobody was bullying me! I was picturing all this fake imagination in my mind. It wasn’t real.

When I reached sixteen years old, I changed my name to Jackson. I gave myself that name as I wanted a new identity. Michael Jackson was my most admired pop idol in those days. He was famous and the whole world was on fire for him. The name Jackson changed my self-image from trembling timidity to courageous confidence. It worked out for me. I became a new person. I have been sociable ever since as compared to the shy wallflower that I used to be.

Whatever fear you may be experiencing, face it! Don’t avoid, ignore or run away! Do it until the fear becomes insignificant. If you are afraid of presentation or public speaking, get some professional training and begin to practice until you become so comfortable standing in front to speak. The more often you speak, the more comfortable you will be and the lesser your fear will be!

When you truly face your fear and focus on your goal, the fear will leave you sooner than you think.  

To overcome fear, one must not run away but face his fears and make his fears insignificant.



To reach your new goals in life, you need to be clear on why you want these new goals. What benefits or happiness can it bring you?
Clarity is power. Clarity helps one to understand what you are thinking and saying. Clarity is the shortcut to success, without having to go on a wild goose chase.
It is not easy to reach precision or perfection. Like high quality diamonds produced by 

Tiffany &Co, the process of cutting with exact measurement, including the precision of cut, symmetry and polish will illuminate and shine beautifully. To cut a beautiful diamond, Tiffany & Co first will choose the type of diamonds and with their technical superiority, they can easily compete with other players. Here, we can understand that clarity or precision in diamond design and cut is non-negotiable.

Most people are not clear and intentional when setting goals. They set too many goals but forget them after a short time. They give lip service but stop short of doing anything. Others set small goals but are not serious enough to make them materialize. 

To reach any goal, be it anything, one must be clear about it.

Many years ago, I knew a young man of clarity, Tan Sian Kong who came by to my office and asked for a job. He was only 19 at that time. He wanted to be a part-time tuition teacher. I asked whether he had got any teaching experience.

 He said he was just a student waiting for the STPM results. I almost rejected him but was curious about his excitement and determination. He came in again the next day and brought in all his certificates. I was impressed when he showed me an inch stack of certificates.

The class monitor for many terms, school prefect for many terms, president and treasurer of many clubs, he represented the school for many chemistry and physics quiz and contests and had won so many awards both in studies and in sports. This 19 year old boy was extraordinary.

I interviewed him to find out why he needed the job so badly. He told me he was doing a part-time job in one computer firm but the salary was insufficient to pay for his higher education fees. When I gave him a few classes to try him out, I found out all the students liked him. He taught diligently in the tuition centre every evening, worked as a programmer from 8 am to 5 pm and on weekends he was giving tuition at his home.

I was puzzled why he needed so much money.

With an assured and ambitious tone in his voice he said, “I want to be a doctor.” Soon he got his STPM results and was offered a number of scholarships. He chose the best offer and this young man is now a medical doctor. His name is Dr. Tan Sian Kong.

Valerie is now in her late twenties; although only a Form Five school leaver years ago, she had been dreaming and hoping all her life to live a good life. She was working hard and getting nowhere. One day, someone introduced her to being involved in insurance business. She worked hard.

When I gave a brief talk at her agency five years ago, she was a top rookie (a star agent who is top in the list) and was performing very well.  I could tell she would make it big someday because she was the only one among the 50 member audience who bought my book. She was eager to learn more, eager to know just a little more. I could tell easily when a person was interested and agitated to learn.

We met and she shared her dreams with me. Today she is one of the very top unit managers in the city. She is only in her late twenties but her achievement far exceeds her initial performance five years ago. Now she manages around ten young agents and the number keeps increasing.

Before this, she had spent many evenings meeting potential clients in the first three years. When others went home at 5pm, she persevered on meeting clients to reach her target. Consistent and never bowing down to rejection or disappointment, she had met more people than any other agents in the first three years.

This is the power of clarity! She knew what she wanted! Knowing specifically what she needed, she zoomed in for it and never changed her goal.
However, being clear is only the first criteria.
The second criteria to becoming the new you is the extra one percent effort. 

To reach any goal, be it anything, one must be clear about it.


The extra one percent concept defines the things or activities we are willing to do that go beyond the normal standards. It is to do more than what others normally do or do more than what others don’t do.
It is to perfect a skill infinitely until you become a professional.
Whether it is in studying, selling insurance, boxing, football, singing, writing, photography, video editing, teaching or business, one must be more than willing to polish the skills and gain mastery.
The extra one percent may or may not be something new. When you do the extra one percent and others do not, the universe will reward you handsomely.
People wish for many things but we all get the rewards of what equals to our efforts. If one is a great doer and giver, one will attract many opportunities and rewards in one’s life.
We must be willing to do the extra one percent for others and ourselves.
What are the examples of the extra one percent?

If your boss asks you to come at 9am, you come at 8.45am.
If others go back at 5pm sharp, you go back by 5.15pm.
If your colleague is not answering the phone when you are not around, you take messages for others when they are not around.
If others are not willing to visit a potential client 10km from your office, you are willing to pay him a visit!
If others give up after trying a job for three months, you continue!
If others are complaining and are not helping your boss, you do your work!
When others are watching TV every day, you go jogging or cycling to stay healthy.
If others are sleeping late, you choose to sleep early so that you look fresh and energetic the next day.
If others are not willing to join a personal development training using their own money, you do!

Doing the extra one percent won’t kill you. In fact, many people reach to the top positions in their careers because they are willing to do the extra one percent.

Are you willing to put in the extra new effort for your organization?

If you are willing, do it and you will benefit from learning and contributing to your organization. Do it so that your boss will value you more.

When Bruce Lee was alive, he became the best martial artist because he was really skillful in all types of kung fu. His secret was simple. He said, “Many martial artists only train on skills. I train myself on three areas, which are strength training for 2 hours a day, martial skills for another 2 hours a day and another 2 hours for speed training! This is my daily routine.”

Bruce Lee was not only good at fighting but he did the extra one percent by going into the movie production. He was the actor and later became the director and producer of his own movies. Bruce Lee was actually good at many sets of skills because he didn’t mind gaining expertise in everything related to his movie career.


I have a friend. She was always complaining why she had to work on a Saturday which was supposed to be a holiday and because her friends’ companies closed on Saturdays.

I don’t know of anyone successful who hates their work as all the people I know who are extremely successful show great passion and love for what they do. They don’t complain often. 

I love my work. In fact, it is a Saturday afternoon and I am writing this book. For most people, Saturday is the best time to play and have fun. For me, my work is my hobby. I never complain about work. I see it as an opportunity to serve and contribute. There is so much work we can all do yet too few are passionate about it.

When you love your work, and only when you really love your work, you will experience breakthrough results that you have never had before.

Fall in love with your work and turn it into your hobby and you will never ever have to work again for the rest of your life.

Love your work. Do more research. Soak deep into the subject. Polish your skills, expand your knowledge and most importantly you must enjoy what you do.

 You will soon become outstanding, not because you are the smartest but because you have become the master of your field.
A great artist, the late Jehan Chan loved painting all his life, having gathered wealth, fame, produced thousands of artwork, presented in many exhibitions, and achieved his dreams. He was very wealthy when I met him 5 years ago.

When I visited him, he shared with me the many struggles he had had when he first started this hobby about 40 years ago. He mentioned the amount of time he had spent on his work and how this career later changed his life. He was a very peaceful and contented man when we met. Recently I went to Melaka again to pay him a visit. I couldn’t find his shop anymore and after asking around, I went to a nearby art gallery only to find out that Jehan Chan had passed away 2 years ago. No one in his family continued his business.

I truly believed Jehan Chan died a happy man having lived his childhood dream and having contributed his art to art lovers around the world.

What if you don’t love your job anymore?

Well, many people torture themselves by not loving their job anymore but by dragging themselves to work. If you have no choice due to many reasons but to stay in your job, then you need to change your mindset or perspective about your work.

 Look at it from a positive angle. You are contributing to your organization when you work and are being paid for your service. You are giving value to your organization and without you, it will not function well.

In this case, you have to learn to love your work.

Change the way you look at your situation and you can learn to love your work!

Only when you love your work, you are ready for excellence. The new you requires you to acquire the mindset of excellence.


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